GT Max is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in Malaysia. Currently, our company has launched a new product, FRESHKIP - EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags to the market on 16/11/2020

✅ PA+PE+EVOH materials
✅ Barrier Performance: ≤2 cc/
✅ Variety types & sizes that suits your packaging
✅ Can be used to package a wide range of items for sale or distribution
✅ Competitive Price

Market’s standard vacuum bags are made up of PA+PE materials. However, FRESHKIP has embedded an extra layer of high barrier properties EVOH (Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol) in the sheet which makes FRESHKIP more superior in terms of barrier performance.

✔️ EVOH exhibits extremely low permeability to gases such as oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
✔️ Extend products’ shelf life, control costs and improve structural performance by combining multiple materials, thereby bringing more benefits to the market.

Check out FRESHKIP Vacuum Sealed Bags now: