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  • 齐心抗疫 压平曲线 吉龙塑胶1万垃圾袋捐医院
    齐心抗疫 压平曲线 吉龙塑胶1万垃圾袋捐医院
    (双溪毛糯3日讯)在确诊病例与日剧增,疫情不见缓和之时,只有大家齐心抗疫,才能协助卫生部一同压平确诊感染曲线。 在“取之社会,回馈社会”的理念下,为了协助本地医院一起对抗疫情,GT-MAX吉龙塑胶(马)有限公司捐赠1万个MR STRONG™(heavy duty)重负荷型垃圾袋给双溪毛糯医院。
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  • NEW PRODUCT – FRESHKIP – EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags
    NEW PRODUCT – FRESHKIP – EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags
    GT Max is one of the leading plastic packaging manufacturers in Malaysia. Currently, our company has launched a new product, FRESHKIP - EVOH High Barrier Vacuum Bags to the market on 16/11/2020
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  • NEW PRODUCT – POF Shrink Film (Polyolefin)
    NEW PRODUCT – POF Shrink Film (Polyolefin)
    Our company now have selling POF Shrink Film (Polyolefin) is a new packing material of world-level.
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  • NEW PRODUCT – Biodegradable Coreless Stretch Film
    NEW PRODUCT – Biodegradable Coreless Stretch Film
    We GT-MAX Plastic are delighted to be one of the first companies in the Asian to announce the addition of oxo-biodegradable Coreless stretch film to our product line.
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  • NEW PRODUCT – Mr. Strong Garbage Bags
    NEW PRODUCT – Mr. Strong Garbage Bags
    Mr. Strong Garbage Bags are made from 100% Virgin Materials Plastic High-Density PE Garbage Bag.
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  • NEW PRODUCT – Anti Static Stretch Film
    NEW PRODUCT – Anti Static Stretch Film
    Anti Static Stretch Film offers the benefit of knowing your electronic and flammable products are safe from static discharge.
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Our satisfied customers says
  • As a Packaging distributed, I have recommended GT-MAX Industries to several clients over the past few years. In every case my clients have been extremely pleased with the design, quality, pricing and customer service that the GT-MAX Industries team has consistently provided. In particular, the design process and customer interface with the GT-MAX Industries sales team has always been the best I have ever experienced with a plastic packaging supplier. GT-MAX Industries has always made me look good with my clients and I will continue to highly recommend them whenever I need stretch film packaging.
    Hiroto Takahashi
    Corrugated Manufacturer, Japan
  • From time to time I am asked to recommend suppliers to people that I meet with our industry, GT-MAX Industries is a manufactured & supplier that you can recommend with confidence and always delivers.
    Mason Brown
    Logistic Company, New Zealand
  • Their knowledge of the products and applications is second to none, and they also fully understand our operation and work to ensure we have the best tools for the job. They look for new innovations and present them to our operation, ensuring that we stay ahead of the game and continue to pass on cost effective wrapping solutions to our customers.
    Gabriel Santos
    Distribution Packaging Company, Brazil
  • GT-MAX Industries offer an excellent service with great value and advice often reacting to short notice requests. We would happily recommend GT-MAX Industries for all types of wrapping and packaging.
    Ethan Jones
    Manufactured Food & Beverage, Australia